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Help with everything, AJ's, addams fam, front end


Pinball Nudger
Well Icome from Mrdia portal and then migrated to meedios, which are all in 1 home theater systems. I recently ran into visual pinball and futue pinball, love them, and am in the pprocess of integrating them into meedios as an option. BUT I have some probs

1....I have been trying to get to AJ's but they are always down ? whats up with that?

2...I have an old acount with VB Forum.....When ever I try to post anything, it tells me i dont have authority...I have written to the contact email twice over 2 weeks with no reponce and cannot post the problem to the forums because it won't let me.

3....I am looking for a more up to date version of adams family, currentl i have 4.3 and i have heard there are knewer ones.

4....RE: addams family, It is the one game that I get some "Gruff" like sounds/and vocals, cdoes any one else get this? and can I clean it up ?

5....I really would want a way to have my game scores automaticcaly saved some where......I sthe anything i can do for this.......Perhaps a piece of code i can drop into a script ?

6.....I am having HORRIBLE luck with Front ends....Any one have good luck with frontend and integration into Visual Pinball and VPMAME ? Current i am trying VP Man and it scans the table and scans the roms, but the tables never seem to get added to the database ??? they remain as Low Lighted entries, and when I try to alter them via clicking Table Edit, it give me a database error ???

any help. suggest would be gretaly appreciated

TY in advance Terence
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