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here it is my TV spot in it's entirety


Pinball Wizard
Divx format - tt 2:00 - 18 mb(very nice quality) (play with Windows Media Player)
(sorry had to use File Factory for this)

well as you can tell not only did they nOT
play any of my music on this (except for
a slight background something), but they
also cut down my airtime from 10 to 2 minutes,,,,

so please slam down a cold one with me and say
"well, that's showbiz!, but next time their ass is mine!"

but please don't get me wrong, i do very much appreciate anything
i can get and i thank the good lord for my many blessings, just wish
i could be a little more worthy of this special gift he has given me.....

the 2 songs i performed at the TV studio and assumed would
be aired partially or in their entirety can be downloaded
from my site - Say Ahso.mp3 & Dangerous Curves.mp3

get it all here > http://timofff.tripod.com

and remember "i like the power, the
power of the music, without the power
it don't happen!"
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