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VP8 Gottlieb SS Recreation Here it is! Operation Thunder released.

Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard
Here it is, after long months of waiting!

First Release v2.0

Well, it took me quite a time to finish this one, mainly because I was very busy with my real life job.

The playfield was completely re-drawn, and the table modeled and rendered. The unique mountainous plastics are 3 dimensional.

Its really a fun table to play with a lot of different missions,
and flashy and satisfying rewards for doing well.

In spite of having a ton of reel images, it runs perfectly with hardware acceleration turned off, and even a great deal faster then my Fathom table, with acceleration turned on.

It is best played with acceleration off though.

This table is completely adjustable using the '7' key.

This release requires VP6 or better, and VPM 1.21 or better.

Get it at...


and eventually at AJ's (Its been uploaded there.)

Thanks go out to Zaphod and Destruk for their previous work on this table, upon which I based this "makeover"...:).

Enjoy Operation Thunder!

Kurt Herman