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He's Here... TRIGON


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After a very long time in development, I am pleased to finally be able to share my own orginal game, Trigon. Based on the comic book character from the early 1980's, the game reflects the style of a early 80's pinball. It may look simple, but there's a lot to it.

Trigon also features a few new concepts as well. A lot of those concepts have been shared previously, but for the first time, they are all in one place. The game is rather heavy, as it's built out of mostly walls, and has loads of sounds and effects added, but there are several things that should be noted. Please read the rules.txt and the change_file.txt.

Trigon also features my flex system, a simple setup that adjusts the game according to the players skill. This flex system will adjust everything from the speed of bumpers, kickers etc, to even modifing the rules. It's very hard to get a game to play fairly for all levels of players, the flex system was built to compensate for that. There are lots of different systems I wrote just for Trigon

After some thought, I decided to release the game unlocked. I ask that people respect my decision in regards to the copyright and permissions.

So what are you waiting for, get it here. :)



PN co-founder
Congratulations Big Blue, not only for the release, but for keeping it unlocked. I won't know what to do now that I won't be DL a new test Trigon every few months, but each new version added so many improvements, I can't imagine anyone not being impressed. Awesome table shiva, now think flipperless. :p

John :oldman


Pinball Wizard
Awesome is definately the word for this endeavour. A great job shiva.

As far as originals go, this is first rate. :thumleft: :thumright: :thumleft:


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thanks. Can you believe it John, 10 people testing forover 5 months, and we missed one of the most stupidest bugs? :)
Still, only one that has shown up so far, I expected a novel sized report by now.
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