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Hey, Leo Wanker!


I was just wondering if you were going to continue to ignore me on the other two sites.

I noticed the ignore function isn't here at MoF at the moment, so I thought I'd ask.


Thanks, Wrench.

As of this writing, we are moving into a new place this weekend.
We will be saving $100 a month on rent and still staying in the Bedford area.
Unfortunately, I'm losing my DSL connection as there is currently no dsl/cable service for that area until 2005, so I'll be dialing up again.

Thanks again and I'll check in again on Tuesday probably.


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Hi Zach! I hope everything gets back to normal for you soon.

Your subject in this post is interesting... I don't mean Leon, I mean ignoring, it seems that almost everyone ignores this site. :) Too bad... So sad.

Both of you guys are OK in my book, but sometimes people have to learn to just say hello, and leave it like that. I try to accept people for who they are, and I really don't try to change them... It doesn't work anyway.
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