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Hey Shadow, you twit you


PN co-founder
I assume when you tire of your ranting over at VPF, you'll be back over here to laud us all with your wit and charm. Well, welcome you horse's arse, we missed you just like a 52 year old virgin might be inclined to miss her monthly cramps.

As far as crying over at VPF about why I started this forum, you of course are dead wrong. But since anything and everything goes here, so what if I did. You must be more of a wimp and wuss than I figured, since you ran away rather than staying and fighting.

And if you do have disabilities, state them once and for all and no one will ever make jokes about those problems. And of course we won't make jokes about any probable disabilities anyone else in VP might have, so now that leaves us with absolutely nothing at all to talk about other than Pinball, which is the main reason for PN and all the other forums. So although your goal seems to be to spread suffering and misery wherever you go, you actually have brought our focus back to our roots, PINBALL.

Now doesn't that get your corset in a bind, you mule's twit?

Your pal . . . John
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