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Hi, I'm Thalamus


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Just wanted to say hi to you all. Just registered myself to this site. I'm an old git aged 39, living in north norway. I've been a pinball addict all my life - but, unfortunatly pins are very scarce nowadays ... at least where I live.

I've been a vpinball user for a couple of years now, but, haven't been very active in communicating by forums (read vpforums). And, as you might understand ... I just reg. myself on this site.

Just writing this to say hi ... really, and to thank all the hard working developers for their amazing jobs with both emulators, tables and what not ... You guys really rock.


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RE: Hi, I

Welcome to Pinball Nirvana Thalamus! I hear ya with the pinball is scarce comment, I also cannot find any where I live in Canada:( Thank goodness for VP so I can get my pinball fix :D


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RE: Hi, I

If its me your asking ... no, not really. My computer needs some upgrades in order to play the newer games anyway. And, imo - there hasn't been out any really good multiplayer games since Tribes 2 :)
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