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VP8 Flipperless Recreation Hi Score Rollette released


PN co-founder
While the manufacturer of Hi Score Rollette is unknown, it is obvious that this is a well made, quality game, which would have commanded a top price in it's day. I'm assuming that it was made between the 1930s and 1950s, based on similar games that date from that era.. Hi Score Rollette couls have been made either in the UK or the US, with a nod going to England.

This version, which puts a premium on nudging, has been tweaked so that even without nudging, the ball will be active, rather than duplicating game play ball after ball. Feel free to adjust the slope of the table, or the elasticity of the wall gate or the top left pair of nails. The 500 point cup is fairly easy to make with the original settings. You can download Hi Score Rollette from here, 2/3 of the way down the page:




  • Hi-Score Rollett (xxxx)(193x-5x).zip
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