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Pinball Nudger
Great stuff on this site

I used to play the vertical bagatelle games in local fairs in mid 80s... not seen around here so much now


PN co-founder
Welcome aboard Colin, glad you like what you see. I don't know if you noiticed, but we have about a dozen bagatelle, half originals and half recreations, with more coming soon. Similar tables that might interest you are pachinko and bingos, which aren't too far afield from bagatelle. You might want to check out Log Cabin, a 1903 trade stimulator that sort of exploited the bagatelle theme. And we also have a number of pay out recreations, which are interesting and challenging.

Besides our 200 flipperless and novelty tables, we also have numerous articles, many dealing with the history of pinball, and an extensive pix gallery, with some rare pictures, such as a 1860s bagatelle table, and a 1930s Baseball Pool Table. You'll also find some oddities and oddball Internet finds of mine. Enjoy, and don't be a stranger.