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Hook (Data East, 1992) VP8

VP8 Data East SS Recreation Hook (Jamin 1.0) What would the world be like...without Captain Hook? v1.0 Jamin

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Solid State Machines


Pinball Nudger
My version of Hook is now in the download section. Some of the things left to work out (haven't played one in ages so hopefully gameplay isn't far off).

I remember that a ball was able to fall off the inner part of the left ramp on weak shots that only barely made the turn (which happened alot with those worn out data east flippers). I couldn't duplicate that with that part of the ramp with a physical wall of 0 so i put in a regular 2wire ramp. The way the ramp is set up it gains too much momentum and goes around 100% of the time. I may try and put in some speed triggers in and have it get kicked off if its going slow enough on parts.

Another thing is a ball going at the speed of sound will jump off that ramp and usualy get stuck somewhere. Have a speed control there but sometimes it gets through it only done it a few times in the hours of testing.

I'll need to play around a bit either with plunger setting or placement of skill shot 3 to make it slightly more accessible. I remember it was the hardest especially since it awarded extra ball. I've hit it occasionally but I think it needs a lil bit more tweaking. I usually end up in 2 then with a slight bit more plunger pull it falls off to the ramp or all the way around.

Also I wasn't sure what controlled the chaser lights...the video on youtube it seemed like it wasn't the gi solenoid cuz it acted seperate from that so I tied it into what the Left eye of the skull was doing.

Lemme know if anyone notices any other issues.

I really like the sounds of Data East roms on pinmame. They sure didn't sound that good on the real deals.

oh and
I HATE!!!!....Peter Pan...but remember...WINNERS DON'T USE DRUGS
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Inserted Coin
Hey Jamin - I think Ifound a bug - on the skill shot - I got a ball stuck just above hole 3 and below the ramp - I tried tilting -the ball bounces but won't come out- the area where the ball is stuck is orange and just below the head decal- hope that helps


Pinball Nudger
Hey Jamin - I think Ifound a bug - on the skill shot - I got a ball stuck just above hole 3 and below the ramp - I tried tilting -the ball bounces but won't come out- the area where the ball is stuck is orange and just below the head decal- hope that helps

Same here...


Pinball Nudger
wow trying to recreate that bug took a long time but i finally did it. I deleted Wall1...hopefully that gets rid of ball getting stuck.
It was one of the final adjustments I tried making before uploading it. I was trying to get it where it would stay on ssrampend2 wall and roll over onto the ramp but I guess I wasn't able to test it out after adding it in.

Anyway the deletion of Wall1 will be in any future update I may do.


Inserted Coin
Hi Jamin! I love your photorealistic tables! I would like to point out one problem i've compared to videos of this pinball table. Everytime you launch a first ball the thing turns and the ball returns to the plunger. That should be easy to fix. Besides that when you launch it again it comes out fine.

Actually comparing to videos on the internet when a ball is launched it doesn't go down the right ramp. It shoots out and then strait down at the right side from the top. Hope this helps in making the table more like the real one.
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Isaac Sauvage

Site Supporters
very late reply, but thanks for doing this table, jamin- really nice of you!

i had some excellent graphic links at one time but i had archived them at the original VPF and that's... no longer available now.
i have no idea where those pics are now unless mrhide has better ones.

reactions to your new table:

i know i'm an asshole for saying this but i hate the 'one size fits all' full decal system-
problems are that the table angle and POV can't be changed, and as for the reasons i mentioned that led to asking for a new version of hook, i can't change the backdrop or change light levels of the PF.

those were pretty-much the whole reason for asking for a remake.

back to a positive note, you did some awesome work on animations and fading lights.
and i like how you tried to find an angle that maximised PF view.


Pinball Nudger
Late reply too but another great table Jamin , Love all the red lights flashing on the tracks and the sounds are great as usual , I played it an hour ago and I had the same problem with the ball getting stuck still up the top of the skill shot lane, I was pressing all the nudges to try and unstick the ball but it tilted on me so I closed down
the game and restarted it and the ball was gone, just thought I'd let you know but it's only happened to me once and I've played it heaps of times now :D

and THANKS ,

Matt :)


scottish bloke
Not blowing any trumpets but I still think the version I helped on (with Joep, El Condor, Destruk, Apocalypse, DataDragon, Pingod) is better


scottish bloke
I'd LIKE Banjo Tooie to be on Wii VC, but I think they said they wouldnt put it there cause Rares owned by Microsoft now and Banjo Tooies already on XBLA.

WTH has that got to do with hook???

Jamin, the more I play your table, the more I HATE my table, so ignore my above comment!!!
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