Hot Tip (Williams, 1977) [DT] [WS]

Recreation Hot Tip (Williams, 1977) [DT] [WS] 2.0

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StevOz submitted a new resource:

Hot Tip (Williams, 1977) [DT] [WS] - A sure bet!

Author(s): 32assassin
Manufacturer: Williams
Year: 1977

This is an updated version of Destruks VP8 or Spanned table, I don't remember which one I used.
Either way credit goes to Destruk for his original work.

32assassin pretty much deleted all non-essential images and rebuilt the table from the code up.

Big thank you to

Popotte - for use of his PF and plastics.
Gtxjoe - primitive animation code
Amgrim - adding DOF code
mfuegemann - for his ball rolling example...

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This recreation by 32assassin included modifications I made that he included in version 2.0. Thanks go to 32assassin for including these modifications.

Completely reworked back glass, newly created backdrop and EM reels for all back glass lights. Adjusted physics/flippers and DT view.
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