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How are you doing? What are you doing?


sXe And Better Than You
Just a try to take some steam out of the "Where did VPF go?" story. Nothing better than just some good old talking about how the others are and adding to the discussion.

Me? I'm feeling pretty fucking awesome, and that cussing was needed to add some emphasis.

VPForums.org has filled me with some new energy, as one can see at my current mood: "Inspired", that's what I am right now. Just now I had a nice glass of chocolate milk and a "Krebbel" aka "Krapfen" aka "Berliner" aka "That piece of dough with jam inside it and sugar on top" and it was delicious. I'm sitting in my new office chair which is very comfy and am listening to "Lulz, A Corruption Of LOL", an album put out on the internet by 420chan. Incredible music inside. The song that's on right now is the Anthem of The Soviet Union. My cat is sitting at the window, watching something outside.

Hell, life really is fucking awesome. Long live optimism!

The McD
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right at this moment?

I am sitting at my (homebuilt) computer desk with my roomies mini chuahauha on my lap buried under a lap blanket (it's 8 F outside!), working part-time (finally after not working since November!) during the week. So my spirits are picking up also! I am about to tear into my wip's and try to finish the zizzle table today or tomorrow! Oh, today is Saturday at 9:35 am. I haven't had a cold in over 3 yrs! so am healthy (just not employed full-time yet) The unemployment rate in my town is a staggering 28%!
So, no big worries other than that! But I am collecting (at half my last salary) unemployment so it keeps the bills paid. just waiting for spring to get here, I HATE the cold! Too many injuries on me are cold-affected (herniated discs, rotater cuff damage in both shoulders, carpal in both upper arms pins in knee etc...for 10 years I moved/fixed/cleaned/filled/converted Pinball machines, pool tables, Video games, jukeboxes and cigarette machines. All that contributed to my (perfect) body... yeah I'm a mess! :D but I'm alive and that's all that matters. And I've found a new home here! with all you nice people to converse with so I am happier than I've been in a long time!
Long Live Pinball! It keeps me going on these bitter cold days:dance:


Pinball Wizard
Nice topic TheMcD
On the personal side of my life I am recovering from a cold while also
nurturing one of our 4 cats back to health. (Ti Ti,,, I have posted about
his health situation in the last few months.) He is now doing great. He has always had
a food allergy,,,,,So We are trying various foods to solve this problem.

On the pinball side of life,,, I have D/L a great tutorial table that will tell
me all about Animated Bumpers. After I study this I want to make an animated bumper
of my own from scratch,,And write the code to make it work.
It will be different from the tutorial,, but it will be my version. It is lots
of fun for me to do coding based on others tutorials.



Inserted Coin
I just finished off my third New Castle. Chilled by nature in my garage. It's 17 degrees here in North Carolina, USA. Just flipping aimlessly through the chanels while kicking back on my soft leather sofa. I think this will be a lazy weekend for me. I do believe I deserve one every now and then.


Rockin' And Rollin'
I'm websurfing, and waiting for the Cardinals/Eagles game to start. For once, I'm laying low instead of running like a maniac trying to get things done on a day off from work.


Beer and Pinball, dammit!
Just put the last of the Xmas decorations away yesterday. Then I smoke-grilled a leg of lamb for dinner and served that up with asparagus, a rice pilaf, and a pear-and-candied-walnut salad with vinaigrette (the brother-in-law doing that last bit). Fantastic!

Today it's back to work. My wife gets today as a holiday, though.

I'm narrowing down the laundry list of suggestions to program into the website almost to the point where I can start preparing the site for release. So, a good thing. We've programmed interpreters that allow us to link data from the old IBM 370 to a PHP/MySQL-based system, so no more licensing fees to IBM for Java EJB-based software they haven't written or supported in nearly five years, so another good thing. And after work, I've been authorized to go to Shorty's for one of my favorite things in the world (read my title line)! And that's about as good as it gets! Having the wife there would make it even more fun, but there you go...


And I've also put up a page of stuff you'd normally hear on the Dr. Demento/Music with Moskowitz show (well, about 90% of it, anyways), since I got numerous thank-yous for the Xmas music I posted up (thanks, both of you, harhar).



Pinball Wizard
Today I've been wantering around the shops looking for a replacement kitchen sink and tap - oh what fun I've had. You should see the friggin prices. :( a nice Franke Mythos MTG 651 with tap only £583.74. Yeah, well I'll have 2 the cheeky sods.

The internet piccies look good until you see the 'perfect' model in the flesh and realise that the damn think has been created from recycled polythene and will last for a day after the 12 months gaurantee.

So it's either a composite material or a ceramic model. Sadly both are bloody expensive. Stainless steel is out as we both dislike them although the proce range is kinder.

Having said that, I did come across a dedicated flash for my Canon 400D. Nice little speedlite and a bargain at only £188. Perhaps stainless steel bowls may be making a comeback.

My brain is now so addled with kitchen sinks that I cannot concentrate on pinball. So once again I will be retiring to the lounge for a Grolsch or 5 and put on a nice little film like The Devils Rejects or House of 1000 Corpses. Yeah, that's right, I'm the romantic type alrighty. :)
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