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How are you going to die?


Pinball Wizard
Bah, I don't like the result from the link. It's this:

As the unfortunate target of a serial killer, a rope is tied around your wrists, and a second rope is tied around your ankles. The ropes are tied together and hung on a hook from the ceiling, leaving you suspended facing the ground. Concrete blocks are placed onto your back until the weight becomes so great, your arms and legs are torn from your body.


Inserted Coin
While clubbing baby seals for sport, a giant polar bear decapitates you, and feasts on your worthless flesh. After stripping your carcus to the bone, he gives the bludgeoned seals a proper burial under a stunning array of northern lights. (Happy ending no extra charge!)


appropriate at this time
Depressed with life in general, you blow your brains out with a shotgun.

Were you guys making your's up?

Jon's link is just too creapy to click now.
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