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Tutorial How good is your hardware for pinball?


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Recently I had a problem testing a new physics method that allows for some cool stuff in Future Pinball (see video below).

The problem was that I was able to use the keyboard, but using my control panel was impossible to do the tricks and control the ball. I could not believe that using leafswitch buttons and an ultimarc ultimate i/o board could be worse than my keyboard.

I then found this LINK. It measures the debounce latency of your buttons/keyboards and to put things in perspective, the absolute lowest I could make with my control panel was 48ms. With my keyboard I can consistently go <20ms. And here was the problem.

Fortunately, it was just a bad config on my part for the board in my control panel and the video below was already done with it properly configured.

Now, I can't exactly say what the above limit will be for this new code but 30ms (finger in the air educated guess) might be it.

So, feel free to test and be sure that lower is better and can explain the performance also in other software you use but it is a given it makes a difference in pinball sims

This ling allowed me to understand what was wrong with my setup when I reported problems earlier.

Silverline is, use that link and if you can't do what I showed in the video, chances are your input hardware might be the issue.

- 7s: Live catch
- 10s: beatiful art :)
- 18s: keep the ball in the flipper :)
- 21s: almost got the post pass
- 28s: Now i got it :p
- 30s: tap pass
- 50s: Not a skill but ball rolls through the slingshot and it is not kicked (@JLou5641 thanks for the reminder on the SlingshostThreshold)
- 1:13s: the basic deadflip
- 1:15s: the rolling pass (or flick pass) then repeated from opposite flipper

Drop Catches area also possible but not in the video because I forgot about that one.


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I was able to get around 42.

I'm using a Razor mechanical keyboard.



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Too high Terry. At 48 I had issues. It's 6am... i haven't slept so this will be my last post for the next few hours.

My razer ornata v2 results. Mechanical or not, the "controller" inside has the final word. Mine is actually an hybrid (mechanical and membrane).

But apparently, there are "gaming" keyboards that only have the name. You are not the 1st case I know with a Razer that had unexpected results!


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Ahaha, I test my Gamer laptop, and i can't go under 23ms.... ahahaha... Meanwhile my "poor" lenovo "no-Gamer" keyboard at my work, i easily go under 15ms... Manufacturers insist on the gamer side with a low response time and latency, but it has no interest if the debounce cancels all the profit by a very long debounce....And they never talk about debounce "latency"


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Yah, I got this keyboard because it was on sale while I was away on a military course, and needed a new keyboard desperately :)

Normally, for my pin cabinet or any gaming, I never use keyboard controllers (except for PC gaming). Always a gamepad type controller connected to buttons,etc.
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