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HOW LONG do you take to redraw recreated works?


20+ YEARS as a VP author. How time flies...
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This is for recreated authors ONLY - NO ORIGINAL authors please. I would like to know HOW LONG (roughly) it takes you to redraw your recreated works. Choose an option, vote and then please post below. What is the average time it takes you to perfectly redraw your recreated pins? Hope to hear from all you recreation authors about this. Sometimes I feel a month takes forever, but going the extra mile makes a game look really upbeat and classy looking - also, it makes the game look more realistic. Let me know what you think folks and thanks for voting!

Will / druadic

PS: If you need to know, sometimes it can take ME MONTHS to finish up redrawing a recreated table. Sometimes 4 days like Zipper Skill. Contact, by Exhibit Supply Company took me SIX MONTHS to finish. Same goes for Juggle Ball. Planet Ball took me three months. How long does it take you to recreate (redraw) your perfect table? I gues it also depends on the graphic you have to work with. Hope to hear from other recreation authors on this subject.