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How many balls to play at home with a pachinko?


Here an answer to several questions that have been asked about pachinkos. :?:

It seems that 400 balls were used to play an antique version with manual launch like The Missile.

For newer styles, the ball trays can hold up to 1500 balls. They are often seen on eBay. These modern pachinkos usually have auto-launchers. On different forums speaking of pachinkos, it seems that 10 minutes is the time to lose 1000 balls with an auto-launcher and having to refill.

That's why balls lifters are sold to play at home with these machines.

Here is provided a picture showing an old style game on the top half, a NISHIJIN SOPHIA super DX, very similar to The Missile. The lower half shows a newer game, a Sankyo Fever Queen.

VP version of the Missile, Sankyo Fever Queen and others are available from the Pachinkos and Slots download section at Pinball Nirvana, and are often on eBay.

If you buy one for home, why not buying several thousands balls and cover your carpet with them? :D :D


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