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How to reply to a Headline--

Isaac Sauvage

Site Supporters
in this game, you paste in some headlines from a news site.
then you respond with a short reply.
i'll start.


As of 4:29 a.m. EST

U.S.-led troops kill wanted Taliban commander in Afghan airstrike
*voice of shaggy from scooby doo*
like, every time they take down the #2 taliban leader in the world they create a new #2 taliban leader in the world.

Suspected U.S. drone fires missiles at militant nest in Pakistan
i thought drones were those things that fertilised queen bees.

Obama to appoint panel to oversee restructuring of auto industry
is that giving CPR to a corpse?
well, better late than never i guess.

Illinois GOP leader calls on Sen. Burris to resign
you mean there's another blagojevic?

BMW to eliminate 850 jobs at Mini Cooper plant in Britain
how can it be a german car if it's made in england?

Why are gas prices on the rise as crude oil gets cheaper?
i don't know, why?

Lance Armstrong's time-trial bicycle stolen in California
so buy another. seriously, this is a headline?
tomorrow's headline: brad pitt loses a pack of matches, search teams busy combing area.


well first of all BMW stands for British Motor Works so it's NOT a German car it IS a british car check your facts first but i get the drift! Like we WERE searching for Bin Laden but ended up with sudaam Hussein! how the hell did that happen? does that mean if we search for why our (the United States)economy is crap we'll find Jimmy Hoffa?


sXe And Better Than You
BMW - Bayerische Motoren-Werke.

Good job on the first one, Nic. I could really imaging Shaggy talking in my head. - Oh, and before I forget it, thanks for what you bought for me at the shop.

Just checked Yahoo.com... French State found responsible for deporting Jews.

Ahem... so what? We Germans innocent now and it's all been the nasty French?
They really need to develop better writing types for news headlines... confusing.

The McD


Inserted Coin
Storm brings rain, sleet or snow
Weathermen! Must be nice to have a job where accuracy isn't a requirement.

General Motors' High-Wire Bankruptcy Act
They're circus performers? No wonder they've bankrupted the company. Clowns!

With no budget, California to cut 20,000 state jobs
Schwarzenegger's newest sequel in the Terminator franchise flops at the box office.

This one's "response" is actually real, I just liked it: :)

Nakagawa to Resign After Slurring Speech at G-7
Japanese Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa said he would resign after the opposition party claimed he appeared drunk at a Group of Seven press conference in Rome.

Isaac Sauvage

Site Supporters
hehe, nice, m4paws.

• Chrysler tells the government it needs $5 billion more to survive
i don't think any of us saw that coming.

• Obama approves 17,000 more U.S. troops for Afghanistan
nice. so maybe one day the phantom war (iraq) will end and an actual war can commence?

• Burris admits trying to raise money for former Gov. Blagojevich
one hundred years ago all the major papers were writing about chicago corruption.
and now we have...

• NATO cautions Pakistan over truce with Taliban militants
since i probably don't understand the situation i will refrain from saying the word "douchebags".

• Some TV stations turn off analog signals
so basically the whole TV upgrade is a total mess, and only poor people and the middle-classed are caught in the middle?

• Conjoined twins recovering after risky 24-hour surgery
once again, wow.

• Nearly 1,000 snake charmers protest ban on live snakes
because what's better than making a living off of exhausted, angry reptiles who get poked with a stick while they are trying to rest in a basket?
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