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Hunting with Cheney..


Pinball Wizard
Heard that on the radio. He allegedly wasn't allowed to go hunting anyway without a certain badge, and after being investegated he went out and paid a high amount of money to get the badge without testing and got out of trouble.
WHich proves thhat powerful people can do anything they wan.t


Pinball Wizard
Who did he shoot? Just heard something in the news and received this picture.... :p



Pinball Nudger
you dont need to look in a bowl, just watch tv.
conspiracy's arent secret anymore.

these bastards conspire at the G8, they conspire even more at the BilderBerger meetings,
and they conspire less publicaly at the trilateral -commission gatherings.

treason is now televised so you wont think there is anything wrong being done - it''s very clever if you think about it.
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