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I'll 'ave a redneck to go....


PN co-founder
How do you find all this weird stuff Steve? And I'll have you know I have never lived in a trailer, nor have I ever worn pink.



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I've never worn pink either, just camoflage. ;)

Actually all the flash at that site is most amusing, I know you like debate Jon and this one has a cowboy too....


PN co-founder
Me debate? Never! :p I'm the most agreeable sort you'll ever meet. Now that sort of Flash doesn't bother me, the stuff that actually flashes is what causes problems, and the faster and more sporadic it flashes the worse the reaction. Luckily I haven't had any spastic episodes in a few years. So please warn me when I should avoid something. Rather than camoflage, I disguise myself as a 98 pound weakling.

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