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I'm a little lost...


Pinball Wizard
I've decided to try a vpm recreation, and I've done some work on a Rolling Stones game, but I have no idea how the scripting goes or anything. I have no idea. How do you integrate it with the rom? How do you program the vbs file? How do you make GI lites and how do they work? What controls the solenoid? There does not seem to be a help manual around, so I am just popping it out to the open.


Pinball Wizard
I always want to, but I still didn't learn. Probably mostly because of language,but also because it's too technical. I don't have any experienes and no clue about programming.


Pinball Wizard
Well, I want to learn to make a PinMame table, but it's all so confusing. I have no idea what does what. I keep getting errors. How do I set the controller? Most of the stuff I have no idea about. If someone could iron this out it would be appreciated. Everything is too technical.
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