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I'm bragging!


Pinball Wizard
I don't know how many people will be interested in the US Presidential Inaugural Balls, but I just found out that my cousin's daughter will be performing at the Veteran's Inaugural Ball. Here is a link to a bit more information: http://www.amandasings.com/News.html

I guess I'm going to have to watch at least a little TV tomorrow night.


PN co-founder
That's pretty cool Penquin. I'm not a fan of Bush's, so I won't be watching the goings on, but I never watched when my candidate won either. When I was younger I was very political minded, now I've come to the conclusion it doesn't matter who's in power, they won't help the majority of us anyway.

But aside from that, I'm sure you'll enjoy watching at least soon of the festivites. I'm sure she'll make you and her family proud.

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