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I'm getting a Pinball Machine finally ...


Pinball Wizard
I may be getting a R E A L pinball machine shortly. As you can guess I'm pretty excited.

It's not in overly great condition and it's not one of my favourite styles but who cares.

It will be fun cleaning it up and getting it running properly (I hope). Apparently it's missing some rubbers, globes and a few targets.

For $250aus it seems a pretty good deal to me.

Of course I'll need to find a manual for it, that may be the real hard part, other than learning how things work :roll:

Oh, it's called "El Dorado City of Gold".

No pictures yet but I will post as soon (and if) I get it. Meanwhile, here's one I prepared earlier ....


Pinball Wizard
Gadzooks where did the pic go ... aah, here it is


  • eldorado-cog_playfield.jpg
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Pop Bumper Pete

Pinball Pirate
Site Supporters
good for you panda55

though Gottlieb really liked that design
they used the same design but with different artwork for 4 or 5 EMs

still, I would add one to my collection



PN co-founder
Congratulations Panda. While it isn't at the top of my list for Gottlieb designs either, at least it is a bit unique.

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