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i'm going to shave my head cause i'm mad at the world!


Pinball Wizard
then after i'm famous i'll go into town all the time
for no apparent reason - even tho i could send
someone else - and let the paparazzi take pics
and video of me scraping people's cars when
i try to park, then i'll hop out and complain
that it was their fault with several curse words
sporadically thrown in and then speed off
barely killing people like i'm insane...

they'll say i'm a real bad boy and a sonofabitch on
the news every night and ask Dr.Phil - What's tii's problem man??

meanwhile back at the ranch - my cd sales are skyrocketing
and i'm seriously thinking about not wearing panties....:rockon:


Pinball Wizard
Sounds good to me tii. If that's what floats your boat .... go for it brother! :wave::dance:

Good news on the CD sales also.

BTW, I can recommend retirement :salut:


Pinball Wizard
Yes, but one day they may well be your CD sales :joy: and you won't need sarcasm.

Be well my friend, it 21.15 local time and that means only one thing ........ the bars open and a film is due :cheers: CHEERS.
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