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Information for authors uploading here


PN co-founder
I should have mentioned this before, but there are two dummy categories, Arcade Remakes and Flipperless Originals. There are no such folders, but for some reason, although I deleted them while doing a recent reorganization, they still appear on the Download page. Please don't place anything in either of these foldersm since there really are no such folders. If you have a Flipperless Original, it should go either in Bagatelle or Coin-Op Originals. Arcade Remakes should go in Arcade and Video Games. I reaally do appreciate your cooperation.

Also, you can make my job a bit easier by including a 640 X 480 SS in jpg fomat with your zip file. Since I always DL the table before adding it to our site, so it saves me the time and trouble of making a SS for every table. And yes, I need the SS so it can be displayed on the Download page with your table.

And it would be great if everyone followed our standard format for naming downloads. Please name the table it's actual name, without any spaces in the file name. And when you fill in the information for the download, use only the name of the table on the Progam Name line, and not the year or manufacturer. Please place the year and manufactuter on the first line of the Description box, and your name on the second line. Then skip a line and add a brief note if you wish to do so.

Also, and I hope I don't upset anyone with this, but please test your tables completely, and make sure that everything is just the way it should be before you upload it to our site. Updates are wonderful, but I spend a lot of time approving bug fixes. I know that bug fixes will happen, and once in a while that's OK, but if you upload several bug fixes one after another, that should tell you to test your work more carefully. If an author continues to add bug fixes shortly after uploading tables here, I might start waiting a few days or a week before adding any of that author's work here, to make sure there won't be any more bug fixes.

JPH and I truely appreciate each and every author who allows us to host their tables here, but to be honest, as busy as I am, I could use some help. If you'll try your best to follow the guidelines I've posted help, it will not only make my life a lot easier, but it will speed up the time it takes to have your tables available for download. Thanks for your help everyone.

John :oldman
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