Initial D - Pinball Stage (Original) VP9

VP9 SS Original Table Initial D Pinball Stage VP9 v1.0 2020-01-28

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Hey all,

Here is Initial D Pinball Stage for VP9. It can be found in the downloads section.

Please be advised this table uses alpha transparency on the ramps so you'll need VP 9.11 or higher to run this table. The music titles are by default turned off. Press the 'M' key once to turn them on during the game.

The TrueType fonts need to be installed into your Windows/Fonts folder (WINNT/Fonts if you're running 2000 or XP Pro). This way you can see the table as it was meant to be :-)

This table has music files as well that are included in this zip file. These should be placed into your Visual Pinball/Music folder.

This table also uses the LoadValue/SaveValue functions in Visual Pinball, which loads and saves to the file VPreg.stg. This is known to cause problems if you do not run VP in the same folder as it is installed, and also if the file is marked as Read-Only, so you'll need to keep that in mind.

Hope you like it, If you have any questions, suggestions, or constructive comments about this table, you can PM me if you're a member of,, or Or, you can email me at

Constructive comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Take Care, and Rage Your Dream!


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Link is not working. Can you refresh please.
Stupid me couldn't figure out what was going on, so I went ahead and just removed the link.

It's in the downloads section under VP Originals.
Thanks Neo .... and I didn't look around either. Doh!

Downloaded now. Thanks
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