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VP8 VPX Help Is an excellent VP8 ball image sadly worthless when it comes to VPX?

Isaac Sauvage

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So, as I'm trying to finish off my updates to a certain orangey-red-themed table, it occurs to me that I don't have the *slightest* idea whether all the ball-visual tricks we built up over the years transfer well. From VP8 to VPX, so to speak.

For example-- take the attached ball image. It obviously needs major contrast work, and to that end, I finally bit the bullet and surrendered to GIMP. (hehe, you won that bet, Will @druadic)

If you notice though-- one thing I really like about the technique of "missing pixels" (notice?) is that it can be used to roughly simulate the PF being reflected on to the ball... well before that was far more realistically done in... VP9 & VPX, I think?

So, just kinda curious-- would any of our old ball tricks actually transfer usefully to VPX?


  • BallBBB.R.+50R+30G0.60gamma.bmp
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For the pixels to be like that the original image was a PNG extension file.

Save the image as a PNG file and it should make the image blend nicely into the game once you play. VPX uses PNG images near perfect right out of the starting gate.

Isaac Sauvage

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Are there any tutorials on converting from VP8/9 to VPX?
Yah, I'm curious as well. So, from what I can tell so far, it seems like coding is still pretty similar in nature, but some verbiage has changed, and new variables introduced. Like... stuff related to light sources, 3D primitives, and... POV stuff?

IIRC, @rascal spent a deal of effort converting various tables, carefully / painstakingly researching this stuff whenever he ran in to problems. Not nececelery documenting it, though.
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