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Is there a way to associate VP8 , VP9 and VPX tables with VP8 VP9 and VPX respectively ?


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I have installed VPX All in one installer and have VP8 VP9 VPX on my PC , and while VP9 and VPX tables are opened correctly with their respective executables , VP8 tables are too associated with VP9 for some reason , causing issues when playing them

Is there a way to correctly associate VP8 tables with VP8 correctly ?



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Windows is crap and relies on file extension to determine a file type. I'm not a Windows expert by all means so the easiest way I can think of after tha 1st sentence is for you to rename your vp8 tables to a different extension and associate via "open with..." Menu that to the appropriate .exe
Mass renaming is easy as there is software for that but just in case do backup first before doing mass changes


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Thanks pal , I ended up launching VP8 and selecting the corresponding tables from 'open' dialog inside it


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That sounds like a good idea for older VP tables to use "open with". Its just that my "open with" settings get reset to default from time to time on this PC. My VP8 tables have a different tables folder and location.

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All of my VP9 tables say VP9 in the title and they are in a different tables folder. I did that early on back in the day, It works fine for me, as I mostly still play all tables in desktop mode here. I actually used to convert FS only table releases to desktop mode back in the day.

VPX has its own setup from the "all in one installer" tables folder in C drive and for the most part all VPX tables seem to play pretty good here.
I have only found a few VPX table releases that have errors when loading. I don't have the time to try and fix them now, so I save all table zip files in case I change my mind about them.

VP8 and VP9 still have some really cool tables with low file sizes and that are still not available in VPX.
New VPX table versions and Original tables are something to look forward to anyway.

I like it when the table Author can keep the file size down low as possible without losing any quality. It gives me more storage space even if I only have them on backup. I still have all those older VP tables and I still remember playing them all back in the day.

I'm still around and I'm still playing Visual Pinball since 2002. Some times I remember an old table I like and give it some play.