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Help Is there a way to tell what FPL or resource this table needs?

Isaac Sauvage

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Dreamstate said:
I get an error on start up. Says it's unable to open the library and some functions of the game will be missing. There were no other files except the one table file. Sound effects are strange, sparse. Compared to footage I've seen of the actual table. There's other FP versions of this table that seem to have done a pretty good job of the electronic sounds.

Angelo - Hulk.png

So it's an error message that pops up when loading the table.

I've looked through the script, resource library editor, and media managers, and can't figure out where the request is coming from. So much for my noobie FP skillz. This is the table, btw.

Is there a way to figure out what this table needs? (and why?)


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Launch the table and exit (the table, not FP). Then you can have a look to the texture manager (see pic above). You have a column "Used". If you don't have "Yes" in this column, it's mean that this texture is not used. And you have an option "Delete Unused". Do that and you never have the error message again.
You can do the same for "Model Manager", but not for Sound and Music Manager.
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