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It Hurts!


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I know not your hurt or if these words can bring any comfort, though I hope they will.

Forever is a place, where we will all meet again.

Your friend forever,



Pinball Player

I know this might seem a little cliched but, remember We are all here for you.....

May you find solace in this time of need and please feel free to vent......emotion is one of mankinds greatest gifts.....It helps us to express those feelings which cannot be put into words..........

I am thinking of you and I wish your friend peace in the here after and you peace in your heart.....

My very best regards

Andrew (RH) :angel:


PN co-founder

I spotted this after you had taken your moving break, and I didn't want to post a reply until you returned. I can only imagine how this has saddened you, but when a friend hurts, I'm saddened for them. If talking would help, or anything else I might be able to do to help you handle this, let me know. I can only hope that before very long your memories of your friend Curt will once again make you feel good.



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Just wanted to Thank everyone for the kind words, It still hurts and I miss Curt daily...

Myself a bunch of friends get together often and I threw the chair out he used to sit in, nobody had used it since April...

FYI John, I had pictures of Curt on the front page of the old site but took them down because every time I loaded it, it hurt. I'm doing a little better now..


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PN co-founder
Loss is never easy, and I doubt if the hurt truely fades completely, it simply becomes less apparent. My sister-in-law recently lost both her parents within a three week period. While I can't know just how horrible that is for her, at least they had a good, close relationship.

So, as I said before, if you need someone to talk with, or someone to vent you frustrations at, just ask, and I'll be available whenever you might need me. Tossing out Curt's chair was a good idea.



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Today is a special day and I still miss Curt...

Never Comes the Day, I'm going to the lake with some friends and sail a boat with Moody Blues and Supertramp blasting. Curt used to flip my boat over on purpose and We lost a lot of radios.

This sailboat will flip over with a special soundtrack...


PN co-founder
The Moody Blues are great, but I never heard anything by Supertramp that I know of. Hope the water's warm. Good thing that you're still remembering him, since in a way he's still with you.Even if you can, you still feel his presence, so he's not really gone.



Pinball Player
How was the day JPH,

I know that it can be both a blessing and a trauma at the same time to have these kinds of rememberance days. It's nice to see that you are able to see the best of what Curt meant to you and make an outing which would have been a real gathering of friends to do something that he would have been the first to volenteer for.

This might seem a bit out there as a theme, but I'd like to quote a poem from my own, as yet, unpublished book "Meanderings and Musings of a Modern Mortal Mind". The poem seems to trigger an image in my mind of the type of person Curt was and the life he led. ADVENTUROUS.. Hope you don't mind.




Born of Violence
Ire & Ice
Stunning Power


Life of Vengeance
Wet & Wild
Dazzling Magic


Death of Virtue
Clear & Calm
Shimmering Wonder


As I said, it is a little off track as far as a topic, but it just strikes me that Curt was a person who enjoyed life and would be the spark of life to many people around him. I thank you for sharing your friend with us.


Andrew (RH)


Pinball Wizard
Hi Jon

I lost a close friend a couple of months ago - I know something about what you are feeling. Then you get all the complications with their possessions and what happens to them. I felt an emptiness more than anything else and I still think about him every day. It has meant that I have seen a lot of people I have lost touch with but it's a pity that it took this to get us all together again if only briefly.

Hang in there mate. You can never fill the void of a close friend lost but you can make sure the world never forgets your friend.



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I had a great weekend with friends and my best friend was beside us, Curt loved sailing on the edge, that meant we all tasted Lake Ontario with appreciation, the experience of sailing with the intention of capsizing (Like Curt) was exceptional!

Pinball Nirvana has been devoted to Curt, he Loved flipping over boats, he loved music.

Took A Boat Sunday, You have all helped me thru this loss and I feel for ya davidsss, Rockinghorse Thank You!
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