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JAWS (Original) (Ultimate Pro) PinEvent

SS Original Table BAM FP JAWS (Original) (Ultimate Pro) PinEvent (v1.08 - PinEvent v1.2)

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Solid State Machines
Future Pinball


Pinball Master
TerryRed submitted a new resource:

JAWS (Ultimate Pro) – PinEvent - You're going to need a bigger pincab!

Rom's amazing classic Future Pinball table has been made into an almost completely new game with SLAMT1LTs massive Ultimate Pro update. It doesn't end there...now thanks to a mega huge and slick TerryRed PinEvent update.

This table now has PinEvent support for DOF / MX Leds / PuP-Pack / SSF / PUPDMD / PUP Stream

All Ultimate Pro tables use newer BAM features for better physics, RGB lighting, shadowmaps, real GI lighting, bump mapping, and much more that...

Read more about this resource...


Pinball Master
I don’t have tons of time but I intend to try all of your pinevents on my desktop and VR and understand how this all jives with a truncated no doff/no pincab approach

I also still hope to solve why BAM went wrong with regard to vr after Version 315

In my mind it would nice to restart vr BAM at 315 and see if rav can sequentially add in some of the newer features and see what poison seed causes the oculus judder bug

I got Jaws running beautifully today as a pinevent with a dummy plug.

I had to change the miniplayfield _1 code so that the hologram was available for the movies.

I notice in your videos there is enhanced video footage that ypu added that is not seen on the hologram movie imagelist

This must be accessed on a different pup stream ( the one that cause a slowdown on weak rigs)

So I don’t know if more physical displays are needed to access those streams

You have done a wonderful and thorough going job of enabling all this stuff !!

I am very impressed !




Pinball Master

This table's PuP-Pack was made very early on before pup FullDMD (the 16x9 DMD video display) was the new standard. It's why it had my videos on both the backglass (my original pup-pack that was made on VPX) and the new FullDMD display (with scores and other videos) which is only on FP PinEvent

This PinEvent table is the only one that has this, whereas all other PinEvent tables has everything focused on the FullDMD display only.

When I update this table and PuP-Pack to PinEvent V2 it will have a new pup-pack that will show everything only on the FullDMD pup display (for videos and text / score, etc) and the backglass will just be a still image (like all other V2 tables and pup-packs).