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Jigglebox (Original) VP8

VP8 Flipperless Original Table Jigglebox (Original) VP8 v1.0

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PN co-founder
Starman7007 has given me the distinct privilege of announcing the release of Jigglebox. Walter has once again masterfully made a table that will astound and stun one and all with not only the graphic beauty, but also the unique and challenging game play he has become known for. The fact that Jigglebox is a flipperless game should not stop anyone from grabbing this excellent table ASAP. I assure you that Jigglebox is like no other flipperless table you have ever encountered, nor like any flippered table for that matter. The upbeat Swing music is reason alone to grab this baby, folks.

The unique features of Jigglebox are almost endless. Before you start a game, you can adjust the force of your ball’s release. 9 through 31 allow you to determine just where the ball will end up as you launch it either left or right from it’s lower central position. Using a splendid combination and positioning of sling- shots, kickers, and bumpers, Walter has created an Original that truly is Original. Offering just the right amount of nudge force for Jigglebox, Walter has made a table that allows the ball to be played mostly in the upper portions of the playfield, where 9 targets against the upper wall will prove to be very tricky to drop, but your efforts will be well rewarded.

Dropping all nine Jigglebox targets will change those two pesky Game Over Gobble Holes into something you’re take aim for and zero in on. I won’t spoil your surprise by revealing the secret, but you won’t be disappointed. But there are some features which make Jigglebox addictive and challenging, no matter how good or bad a player you are. There is a central ball trap kicker this is designed to propel your ball back into play, and give you still another shot at those all important upper targets. And if your aim is just so, your ball will careen off a pair of mid-table bumpers, almost acting as ball savers.

But the niftiest gadget in Jigglebox is the launcher itself, and for being so small, I’m amazed how often it will trap the ball, saving it from those Gobble Holes, not all of them evil, either, providing you with a sort of one-ball replay. Testing Starman’s Jigglebox, I’ve played at least seven hundred games, and I’ll tell you, each game was a blast, even when it was cut short by one of those Game Over Gobblers. The teasingly taunting voice of a sultry woman makes it a bit easier to accept defeat.

Walter’s Jigglebox, IMNSHO, is the Must Have table of the year. Jigglebox will get my vote not only as Original Table of 2004, but as the Table of the year. This doesn’t mean that any other table isn’t good, only that Jigglebox by Starman7007 is one of a kind, and simply blows away the competition. Jigglebox is such a nifty retro-style table, if it were to be made by Stern, players would stampede to the arcades. If I could have just one Original table on my HD, this is that table.

Jigglebox is available@


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Thanks John for playtest, editing the rules and those great release notes!
Also thanks to Bendigo for the gobble hole code!

I'd bet that 10.0 voting comes from you, John. :wink:

65 downloads so far...guess not bad for only a few days on "line".
bust just 7 (seven) thread views?...
Come on folks, drop some lines as feedback!



Pinball Nudger
Well, I found some small glitch in the script.

If you like to hear all five songs, so please correct a little type error in the script:

Line 113:

instead of:

RdMusic = CInt(Rnd*2)

to corrected:

RdMusic = CInt(Rnd*3)

Thanks for playing and downloading!
Believe us, it's worth not only one try...



PN co-founder
Of course that 10 was from me, Walter, but that's as high a vote as I could give it. I think it deserves a 12 at least. My only gripe is that those Jigglebox targets are so hard to drop. I've only done it once.



Pinball Nudger
You'll make it, John. More often I'm pretty sure.
I don't have really no big problems to put 'em all down, but my highscore is still only 7411 pts. so far.
But in fact it has nothing to do with spells or wizzardry. :wink:



Inserted Coin
Why, this table is nothing short of astounding...
The classic wooden look, plus the clever table shape design, as well as those hyper-realistic kicker levers and fine artwork make this a winning favorite. For those fond of flippers, bells & whistles, it's hard to imagine a better way to get them into how much fun flipperless can actually be.
Many thanks for your hard work and for sharing it with us, Walter !


PN co-founder
You said a mouthful danblei. Anyone who won't try Jigglebox because it's flipperless is missing out on the year's best table, IMNSHO. Not playing certain kinds of tables has never made much sense to me. We all have our favorite eras, but there are some very good games no matter how old or new. In it's own right, 1903s Log Cabin trade stimulator is as much fun as the latest PacDude release, and those two are world's apart.



Pinball Wizard
This one looked so good, I had to try it out. It's a pretty neat game (for no flippers) and looks great. It's nice to see someone else doing controlled lighting and decent looking table lights. Too many tables look like they're being played outdoors. I was thinking it'd be even cooler if the launcher were like one of the 'gun' type rotating launchers you see in modern games like Dirty Harry or Terminator2, but with the directional power control, maybe it's not neccessary, but it would give it a modern flare and make it more the user's fault for picking a bad aiming direction on launch (maybe set strong power, but more firing angles with a constantly rotating gun back & forth while ball is in launcher). Just an idea. It's pretty good as-is.

I'm not sure if it's part of the scoring rules or what, but I had a pretty good game going (cleared all drop targets once and only had two left for a 2nd time and what not) and then I hit the dreaded game over hole. Well, my score (which was close to 5000 or so) suddenly dropped to like 1415 or somewhere around there. Does the game over holes penalize your overall score on top of draining your remaining balls (I only had like 2 left anyway, so the score kill was far worse than the loss of balls at that poin) or is that a scoring glitch?


Pinball Nudger
"Does the game over holes penalize your overall score on top of draining
your remaining balls (I only had like 2 left anyway, so the score kill was far worse
than the loss of balls at that poin) or is that a scoring glitch?"

no it's not intended to penalize someones score by hitting those game
over holes.
Sorry, for that!
I played 100s of test games and I've never had such scoring faults!
And I'm sure, John, who played that game for sure also tiredless often
has never had such problems with the score as well.
At least I've never heard that he has some troubles.
Thanks for your constructive mark, Pacdude.

Would be nice if some of those other 100 players can also
drop some feedback lines.

Thanks and servus


PN co-founder
No, I've never had that score dropping problem in any of the 1200 or so games I've played. The only scoring related glitch I found was that my high score was off by 5 points in the dispaly, by Walter fixed that right away.

As for Dude's rotating launcher idea, if you were to add that, I'd like to see it as an optional mode. I really like the launcher and force adjuster the way they are now, but Dude's idea would make for a nice change of pace. As for feedback, sad to say that you're gotten more than most authors do. It would be nice to get more opinons, good or bad, but I guess that's asking too much.