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Jungle Girl (Original) fpx

Original Table BAM Jungle Girl (Original) fpx v1.1

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shiva submitted a new resource:

Jungle Girl fpx V1 - A new era in FP physics begins

New DOFLinx Version! (Thanks to majorFrenchy)
Video of the DOFLinx Version:

Jungle Girl fpx has now been released as version 1. There are so many changes across the board, but the big highlight is the debut of my shivaFlippers system that now has a variable coil system, better aiming, and a "fake EOS". This is a pretty noticeable improvement to FP flippers and down the road, I hope they can be improved even more.

The variable coil adds dynamic omega (or strength to you vp people) for each flipper angle of a flipper swing until you release the flipper button. This...

Read more about this resource...
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To those in the vpx community who tested out the game and gave me feedback, I thank you. I choose the toughest crowd to impress, because I felt JG was a big step forward, and needed to know if I was right to think so. The feedback was very positive, so at the very least, I know the flippers and general physics are greatly improved and can continue to move forward and make them even better. I'm pretty sure some of you never thought FP could play this good even a year ago.

A note to the testers. There have been a lot of changes to the game, as I reserved them from the 2 test versions and have added them in this release. if you have a test version, you will definitely want to download version 1 as there are a few "new things" I have added. (wink wink,nudge,nudge)

* rc3 (test) and v1 changes &

' * shivaDynamicFlippers *
' The latest shivaFlippers has a major new update that now supports dynamic Omega by flipper swing, (variable coil) and has a couple set tricks programmed in.
' This depends on your hardware and reflexs
' Specialized code for the following
' - Variable coil strength, which varies the strength of the flipper depending on the flipper angle
' - The amount of steps 9or angles) are adjustable. Default aset to 30. A lower number means stronger shots, a higher number means weaker shots
' - If you set the number too high, the ball will drag the flipper, like the very early em games
' - Tip/tap pass for flipper start angle and max angle
' - "loft" shots capable
' - Fake EOS to prevent high speed balls from a flick of a flipper fully up
' - Better tip speed omega, using variable coil that reduces the weak flipper effect
' - Top right flipper recoded to fpx standards.
' - Flippers have better bounce
' The new system can be adjusted to suit for the following...
' - Dynamic Angle setting steps to simulate (sort of) flippers from various eras
' - Helper setting, to force a minOmega for the first few angles of the flipper. Only use if your keyboard is really crappy
' New 1 wall method, with 3 triggers instead of timers

' *** RC3 ***
' Readded bounce and no bounce code, as walls use to handle the bounce control, but no longer. fpxSetBounce in User Adjustments controls this.
' Added code to switch off bounce at a low speed ball as well.
' 2 seperate codes depending on ball speed. This helps the ball being more smoother down the flipper lane, prevents the ball from bouncing when the ball is cradled, BUT
' Because of the angle of the flipper, FP has weird bounces, so maybe one day I can fix that....
' AddfpxBounce has new values now. Was way too bouncing before.
' Skillshot drop targets now have a random time assigned to it, so you need better timing to make a skillshot
' Drop target constraining system reshaped and improved a bit.
' Flipper walls reshaped a bit more, better ball interaction and bounce at tips.
' Top flipper (RightFlipper2) now has variable coil.
' Omega values adjusted to better prevent hitting the center targets and to make far left Inline targets better.
' A-B-C Lanes now closed off a bit more so harder to make now from a bumper kick below. Ball exit from these lanes are more random
' FP has a problem with omega. if the omega is too low, it can cause the flipper to drag if a ball is on it. as far as I know, there is no solution, so the best I can do at the moment
' is to try and make it happen as few times as possible.
' HAD to add one more trigger and hit code (StopFlipperSlowdown) to prevent the flipper slowdown effect if the ball is coming from the slings. There's code as well in the prehit sections
' to reduce the drag, so the flippers perform better most of the time. The Opto trigger is at the two bottom posts of the slingshots.
' The FOUR triggers are no longer optional, and HAVE to be included!
' shivaMinOmega is now set to 19,shivaFlippersTipWeakOmegaMultiplier set to 3
' shivaFlippersTipWeakOmegaMultiplier added into the third center trigger code. This boosts the omega if the ball is between the flippers and one of the tips hits the ball.
' Shaped Physics improved.
' Lane A and B now causes more bounces from the bumpers instead of a single bounce and ball out
' Fixed issue where ball bounces between the base of the top flipper and the top wall
' Tighten up area around bumpers so the ball is in play there a bit more
' Adjusted bumper forces so it's not so nuclear powered as before
' A and N small targets now bounce off with less force and reangled to be a bit more realistic
' Opened up Jungle Girl Kicker lane so bit easier to hit
' Set JG kicker Right to a lower force, and adjusted the wall so ball now lays flat for top flipper shot instead of bouncing around (&#*%ing FP sometimes)
' NOTE: if you use a fp.exe different than Bams exe, and kicker2 is too weak, increase the Strength by one in the editor
' Opened up Spinner Lane, made the spinner spin more and adjusted flipper omega for a better easier shot
' increased TimerPF slightly. added code to prevent a slow ball from hanging with a drop at the bottom right bumper with a skillshot
' Replaced objects and wasted more objects because they looked better.
' New music added for background

' *** Version 1 ***
' Fixed jungle super bonus light issue with special, adv. scoring lighting issue
' Added more music and sound fx.
' added "The shot". Wish fp was better at this though.
' Minimum Jackpot is now set to 25,000. This increases with hitting targets etc during game play
' Super Jackpot is now set to 100,000
' Shooting the loop timers (from the flipper lane rollovers) now scores jackpot value as well as spots a letter in JUNGLE GIRL
' The T-Rex lane will now only score the advancing value when the loop timer is off
' New shaking effect with loop timers
' If you lock a ball, and then lose the ball in play, there is a secret skillshot with the next ball.
' Center targets now harder to hit from top right flipper

' *** Version 1.1 ***

' Cleaned up code a bit
' fixed division by 0 error
' adjusted flippers to new defaults.
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Hi shiva,
Mate been waiting in anticipation for this one because I really wanted to check out your new shivaDynamicFlippers.
Table looks and plays great it is a real piece of art. The bumpers and slings are excellent however the flippers not so much.
I have a very fast PC but notice a considerable lag with the flippers, I don't know if it is in my mind but the lag seems to be much worse when cradling the ball on the flipper. I also had the ball hit the flipper in the open position and it shot the ball up the table like I was playing a shot when I didn't, then minutes later the ball jumped inside the right flipper as attached. Sorry to be negative but I think you are really onto something here
and hopefully these things can be fixed in the next release. Thanks for all your hard work and sharing an amazing table, cheers!


  • jungle_girl_fpx_v1.png
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Thanks. This is very much a proof of concept.
The lag unfortunately is a fp thing. The slower the omega of a fp flipper, the slower the flipper will swing, as fp's physics are "all in one". I've actually done a lot of code to reduce this as much as possible, but you also need a very low omega to be able to flick.

faster computers will have more problems I suspect. So maybe try this in the script

shivaFlippersPresetCase=3 ' Preset for variable coil. 0=off, 1 or 2 for cabs, 4 or 5 for keyboards. 3=happy medium.

To shivaFlippersPresetCase=1 ' Preset for variable coil. 0=off, 1 or 2 for cabs, 4 or 5 for keyboards. 3=happy medium.

And if that doesn't quite work, then try this as well
LeftFlipperSwingAngleEnd=32 ' Max amount of dynamic steps for omegas to reach MaxOmega
RightFlipperSwingAngleEnd= 32
RightFlipper2SwingAngleEnd= 32

Change the number to a lower value. try 20-25. This decreases the amount of steps needed for the variable coil, but will also make each step a stronger omega

As to the screenshot. That is not suppose to happen, maybe again because your computer is a lot faster than mine. I will look into it. Thanks

EDIT: The flipper is collidable no matter what. Do you have Vsync On or off? That may be the problem there if your computer is generating way more fps than needed, and FP does have problems with collision if vsync is off. Could you give me the fps on your computer?
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One more thing...
If it still does it, search for Sub shivaFlippersPresets()
go to the case setting you selected in shivaFlippersPresetCase
and look for LeftFlipperMinimumOmega and RightFlipperMinimumOmega and change the number to something higher. Try 9 or 10 to start.

As to the ball dragging on the flipper, I may have to rework the entire code a bit to minimize it, but you lose a bit with that. EOS is temporary, I just crammed it in to get the game out. :)


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shiva updated Jungle Girl fpx V1.1 with a new update entry:

Jungle Girl fpx Version 1.1

A new version of Jungle Girl fpx has been released. Version 1.1, this fixes a error that could cause the table to crash, and has some minor script cleanup. There is also a small adjustment with the flipper settings.

Also included are some new files with the resources, a different wheel image, and the images you can insert for those with 4k monitors. Thanks to everyone for their input and I hope everyone enjoys the game.

Read the rest of this update entry...

Isaac Sauvage

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goblindriver said:
This is a really good table I'm just sad about the artwork with the heavy topographic filter or whatever it is. Don't get me wrong. I love it. Very strange photoshop choices. Maybe I can get you some high res scans of the artwork. hit me up.
Heavy topographic filter? Very strange photoshop choices? I don't understand this review.

The most unusual thing to me about the game's graphics is the way the lighting is so focused in various places, leaving most of the table quite dark. But for me, it works.
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Kind of confused myself, since the high res version is over 8000 pixels. That was the way the artwork was. Oh well.

Nic, the game has 3 brightness levels. Find this:

fpxBAMpfLighting=3 ' sets overall playfield lighting (1=bright/2=Dark)(Note:This affects bulb brightness)

and change this to 1 or 2

Ian (WVP)

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HI mate, i love this table i had to update BAM to get a scoreboard but all good now, wicked table. :)

Ive posted a video preview
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That is not active. I removed the ability to set the high score from the user adjustment section. If you want to really change the score, search for



Pinball Wizard
Merci beaucoup
Je trouve bien nvHighScore1 Mais que t il modificateur Faut svp (je ne connais pas grand chose en script)
Merci par avance
J aimerai faire cela pour cette superbe Table !


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I believe you are asking where to set the default high score?

Line 6083
IF nvHighScore1 = 0 THEN nvHighScore1 = 400000: nvHighScore1Name = "PDS" ' loads default high scores


Pinball Wizard
Very good job Shiva! when you will release a tutorial for your physics?
i wish you work with Slamt1lt and Terry Red to put your physics in there Ultimate and pinevent table. It's a big step forward.


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Thank you. But I feel the code got too complicated for it's own good, and could be a lot simpler. On top of that, it is about 30% "complete" so I am doing up a very simple example of the variable coil flippers (stripped out as much as possible, so it's complete with the problems that I worked around with the multiple triggers and excessive code) in the stock template and maybe post it up to see if a bigger brain can figure out better solutions than what I had.

It's actually pretty simple, just FP has it's problems


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Quelque soit le score que je réalise, même le plus haut, je ne peux entrer celui ci avec mes initiales.
C est toujours les scores par défaut qui apparaissent


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My fault. FP is such a pain with that, plus BAM on top of that. Personally guys, just a bit sick of looking at it, and this could mean a lot more hours of coding for something that really is not that important. Easier to just delete that and use the BAM HS instead. I'm taking a break at the moment, I owe my GF a lot of time because she was very nice and let me spend the hundreds of hours of time before working on this instead of doing things with her.


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Je pense avoir trouvé pour l affichage des high scores
Ligne 6588 "TRUE"
et activé la ligne 6589
Maintenant les scores peuvent être entrés avec initiales
Magnifique Table Merci Beaucoup


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Hmm, can't remember why I deactivated that. Maybe for testing. Thanks, glad you like the table.


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ok, @shiva ,i would like to try your table, but you should put shadow mapsin tga, please cant wait 14 "bulb / light", too long to load and then see ce fp crashes.

evidently many do not know this, ok, I will open a special thread.
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