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VP8 Flipperless Recreation Just Ducky & Mini Bagatelle released


PN co-founder
I've just released two very different tables. TCohn's Miniature Bagatelle was made in 1932, and recreates a game that I own. The actual game, with is about 16" x 12", has small ball bearings for balls, a wooden playfield, painted metal frame, and glass, which has kept the game in near perfect condition. The slpoe is very slight, since the scoring holes are very shallow, making this a difficult game to score consistently with.

Just Ducky is an English made side shooter, and has several differences from the side shooters found in the US. In my opinionm this version is a lot more fun to play. Where US side shooters use slots and don't have diverters, the UK version has both scoring cups and plastic pegs to divert the ball, making nudging important if you want to score well. Since these games appeal to children as well as adults, I have added fun sounds.

You will find both of these fun tables on the same page by following this link:





  • Just Ducky (xxxx)(195x).zip
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  • Miniature Bagatelle (T Cohn of New York)(1932).zip
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