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Kratos God of War (Original 2018) B2S

Kratos God of War (Original 2018) B2S 1.0

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jejepinballnirvana submitted a new resource:

Kratos God of War (Original 2018) B2S - Backglass for Kratos God of War

Backglass for the table Kratos God of War by spookyMoulder.
Score display and image on DMD screen.

For display B2S, add this lines into the table script :
Dim Controller
On Error Resume Next
Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server")
Controller.B2SName = "Kratos"
On Error Goto 0

Sub Table1_Exit()
End Sub

For display the score on backglass, add this line into the table script, into AddScore sub :

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Isaac Sauvage

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Thanks for sharing!

I added a resource icon so the package will show up more easily in the resource list.

Haven't worked on my 'cabinet' setup for a year+, but I look forward to trying these. :-)
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