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Kratos God of War (Original, 2018) B2S

VPX Original Table Kratos God of War (Original, 2018) B2S v1.0

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jejepinballnirvana submitted a new resource:

Kratos God of War (Original 2018) B2S - Backglass for Kratos God of War

Backglass for the table Kratos God of War by spookyMoulder.
Score display and image on DMD screen.

For display B2S, add this lines into the table script :
Dim Controller
On Error Resume Next
Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server")
Controller.B2SName = "Kratos"
On Error Goto 0

Sub Table1_Exit()
End Sub

For display the score on backglass, add this line into the table script, into AddScore sub :

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Isaac Sauvage

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Thanks for sharing!

I added a resource icon so the package will show up more easily in the resource list.

Haven't worked on my 'cabinet' setup for a year+, but I look forward to trying these. :-)


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Hello Like the table but I have an issue were the plunger only sends the ball half way up the lane.
If I use the C key to launch it goes.
Not to familiar with scripting to know were to look to make it more powerful if possible.


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I think that number represents the angle that the ball is to be released.
You can add power to plunger, by opening table in the editor,
Click Edit Tab at top of editor.
Click Select Element.
Now go down list until you see Plunger. (List is in alphabetical order.)
Select Plunger so it is highlighted, and click Select button at bottom of window.
This will bring up the Plunger Options. (If you have options tab pressed down.)
When you see the name Plunger in the options window you will know you are in the right place.
Now click State & Physics and you will see a section that says Release Speed.
Raise that number to make plunger release more powerful.



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Sometimes, the ball stay "on gravity" : it's because the orientation of the table is incorrect with the orientation of the screen.
Sometimes, the ball stay in the plunger because of the Editor/UI options "Throw always on" or "Ball control always on"
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