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Learnig the Ropes


Pinball Nudger
hey gang,

Very new to Visual Pinball, fell in love with it soon as I got it working and saw what it could do. Really love the programs and already trying to build my first table.

I already know plenty of VB script, but the editor itself has been giving me hell since I started. I figured I'd start with a simple recreation of Meteor (1979). Went out on the internet, found the best images possible (which suck, if you can find some good ones please link it! But this is just for learning puposes).

I've set the table image, no problem I can see the 2D Layout of the table. I create a wall to act as the apron, and set its image to the apron I sculpted out. Problem is that the image on the wall is just freakin huge! I cannot get it scalled to fit in that wall comfortably.

Anybody that has some expierence, mind telling me whats going on here?


Pinball Wizard
I believe your problem is that the VP engine automatically cookie cuts to scale the image to the whole table. A wall will not display the whole image unless you put it on as a decal (which in this case would not work).

Welcome to the crew, anyways. Hope to see your meteor game, but remember, not all firsts are classics. My first game...ugh...

Here's a blank pf meteor pic, however with no apron. These usaully work best.


  • meteor.jpg
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Pinball Wizard
the best thing to do with walls that you want to recreate is work in layers. So you can have one layer for the playfield, another for certain walls, and another for extra stuff like more realistic lights etc. If you do this in photoshop, these can all be done in layers at the same scale that you can add or remove from. You can also scale a screenshot of the playfield in editor mode as well and put that in there so you know where to lay stuff out. I wish walls had the option to map locally or globally like ramps do though, it would be a lot easier.


Add-a-ball specialist
Site Supporters
Like zerhino said.... You have to make a full size playfield graphic with the apron on it and then it will be the correct size. Most of us use decals for the apron with bitmap images of just the apron assigned to an apron wall with a black transparency around the edges. Easiest way to do learn is to start tearing apart existing tables to see how it's done.


Pinball Nudger
sweet, thanx guys,

I'll be playing around with various things while I juggle college + work around.. looks like a fun new hobby, you'll see me produce eventually but it's going to be a while :p


PN co-founder
Take your time, there's no need to rush. Hope you find some pin playing time between classes, study, and work. I'm worn out just thinking about your schedule.
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