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VP8 EM Original Table ' Legends ' is done and uploaded!

Electro-Mechanical Machines


Another pin by Faralos is finished (With a helping hand from Wizards Hat) and has been added to the d/load files here!
This one is called ' Legends ' and is a salute to the great deceased comedic legends who have influenced my life. It is built with VP8 with coding help from Wizards Hat! It is an all original table!
I got the idea whilst watching Mr. George Carlin receive (posthumously) the Mark Twain Award for being a great comedian! I thought to myself, "self, while pins saluting various music groups have been done to death (pardon the pun), I've never seen one based on comedians!" I saw a Three Stooges one, but not one for more recent comics.
It is ' R ' rated due to various voice samples and phrases scattered throughout and one gratituitous nudity shot!!
instructions on it are in the table info,
Again, any and all feedback is appreciated
have fun with it! (it took me 41 hours from initial design to final product, not including emails and wait times for replies for coding issues) just fyi, in this one I have learned 'kickers w/ timers, drop targets w/ bonus lights, and collections!


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