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Lengthen a sound for me?


PN co-founder
I have a sound I need made three times the length it is if that's possible. I can shorten sounds with Wave Pad, but can't make them longer. I need this to make a very long launch/rolling sound for the flipperless tables which have looping launch shots before entering the playing field. Anyone a sound magician?



Pinball Player
Sound Reworked

Hi John,

I have reworked the sound you sent me. I have included three versions of it along with the original sound for comparison in a zip file below.

If these are not to your liking, let me know and I'll try something different.

They vary slightly in length due to the starting point of the expansion. I think the third one is the best. I can get some bumps ironed out if you like. There seems to be a slight thump after the plunger sound and before the rolling sound on this third version. I don't think it's a problem but I'll let you decide.

Let me know.

C Ya



  • rework.zip
    58.8 KB · Views: 319
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