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Life as a real world Moderator


Pinball Wizard
I want to talk about being a "Moderator" in real life.

I worked for over 6 years as a Manufacturing Superintendent at
a Window Manufacturing Plant in Wisconsin. The shop was controlled
by a big Union presence. I had to enforce all of the disciplinary rules
that had been hammered out between the Company and the Union.
This was serious business,,, If I did not follow the rules regarding
eventual employee termination I could be served with a Union Grievance.
I had to enforce the Company line and also walk a fine line and also try to
encourage a spirit of "Company vs Union,,,, We are really all One together."
At first the Union Stewards tried to intimidate me,,, I was told that I could
not do any sort of work,,,/ help that a Union member could do.

I guess that was their downfall. I don't like someone telling me what to do,
So I allowed a mid morning and mid afternoon 10 minute break to stretch
to 12 minutes. Then after everyone thought that 12 minutes was the
norm,I announced that "YOUR UNION OFFICIALS" have told me that I have not been following the Union rules. Your Union Stewards ordered me to
follow the"RULES" I told everyone that the break time was going back to
10 minutes on the orders of your Union Reps. Everyone was Pissed.
After that day I suddenly had the upper hand and we never had an issue
between me and the Union for the next 4 or 5 years.

I always try to be nice, but sometimes being the biggest PR*CK works!.


Isaac Sauvage

Site Supporters
interesting story, rick, and it sounds like a tricky position. got any more? :)

myself, i have a 'customer service' personality... so i pretty-much used that approach whenever i was in charge of other people in RL. for some reason i was able to attract more women than ever when i was in charge of something, so i kind of miss those days. :s


appropriate at this time
When you are willing to give twice the effort, and the customers would accept half the effort, you have a perfect business relationship. Just like when you would accept half the price and the customers would pay twice the price you have a perfect deal. These things are rare in the real world, and the whole world is real. Administrating an online forum is real. Most things, when being compared to the real world or real life, is only a cop out.

You should join the staff at VPF, Rick. They should be happy to have you. Many old staffers I think would make good administrators these days, like nicolas.b and The Loafer.

Me, I would want to be president, and I would have one administrator, and up to 6 moderators under me. Now that's a perfect world.
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