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Little Cowboy Racquetball pinball


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I spent 14 months building this Pinball table.

It works on my computer (XP with Windows Media Player 9), but not sure if it will work on others. So, please let me know if it works on yours; also tell me what operating system, and what version of Windows Media Player you have.


Welcome Uncle Grog, I attempted to play Little Cowboy and received a bunch of errors but after reading the readme.txt file inside the zip file, i soon realized that i didn't have VPDisco installed on this computer which I've been using for over 2 years...:|

The readme.txt file probably should mention some details about a separate installation that is required for VPDisco, here is a link to the page at Pinball Nirvana for this program, I've also attached it to this post:

I really enjoyed Little Cowboys after i got it running, i need to play it some more to discover the hidden features! Here are some files in an attempt to help other folks to play this, let me know if you'd like them to be removed:


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  • LittleCowboy42708.zip
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Wayne Thornton

Pinball Player
Thanks, pal

Thank you so much. You really made my day by figuring out how to play my pinball from a download on the net. I think you are the first person to figure what was needed to load the table.

Two years ago or so I put the Pinball game on a self installing cd and gave it to all my racquetball buddies for Christmas presents; they didn't even know what VP was, I just used batch files to install VP and Vpdisco. (each one had a video in the upper left quadrant of the table ...... of them actually playing racquetball.) Then the VP software expired and we had to change the dates on our computers to make the software think it was still 2004.

So I thought: I have downloaded so many pinball games freely given by others, it is my turn to pay my dues and provide some pinball enjoyment for others.

I am so happy you figured how to load "Little Cowboy-Racquetball theme",

Wayne Thornton


PS: Thanks for those links you gave us.


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No Problem Uncle Grog,
I should have mentioned a few more things that might be helpful, the problem with the expiring VP is due to an old installation, I'm using the latest version full install (8.1) that can also be found at the above link and Little Cowboy still works.

Some information about the VPDisco installation, I'm using XP and i thought i instructed it (perhaps not?) to install into my VP Tables folder which is:
C:\Visual Pinball\Tables
but it installed into a new folder at:
C:\Program Files\Visual Pinball\Tables

That didn't matter and it still works as long as you enter the proper Tables location during the next step of the VPDisco installation. For others that need help, the Read me.txt file is very important, the game won't run after installing VP and VPDisco unless you follow this information:
Place this "vpDiscob demo" folder in your Visual Pinball/ Tables' folder.
Time to give the Table another try...:tenisclap:

Wayne Thornton

Pinball Player
Be sure speakers are turned on

also --- press the X key, and remember press 5 and then 1 even when you don't have to. (if you get bored, when game is over, press the 5 key twice in a row and this builds up your credits and advances the surpises -- let's keep that a secret okay. ---

Have you gone rabbit hunting yet? --- during the first few games, do you see movies of racquetball sometimes? (you could put any movies made by a video camera in that area. ---

You can get full screen by playing with 800 x 600 or if your monitor has trouble with that, you can set it at 1024 X 768 with quality 32. --- and of course, if needed, you can play with the VP Video preferences in the VP table.

all for now.

You may really laugh when Betty boop shows up in the bathtub and you follow the on screen instruction of "press 9 for more." --

You are playing my 14 month baby. -- lol

Wayne Thornton


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Just played Little Cowboy for a couple of hours and i really enjoy a lot of things with this table, Love the Looney Tunes sounds and characters, there is a avatar section here devoted to them:

Also love the videos, tunes and the playfield changes, i did Shoot the Wabbits, the Bulls and voted for the coldest beer....:hulagirls:

I did have Betty Boop but don't know if i pressed "9"...

Wayne Thornton

Pinball Player
Little Cowboy

My wife and I just read your message and said in unison "Yippee". We are so happy you enjoyed the table. Also thanks for that link.

Your pal,

Wayne Thornton
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