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Little VP And VPM Help Or Learning Faq.


Pinball Player
Here is some faqs that I send here.

You guys might want to rewritten my faqs alittle better and understanding on what I wrote or rewritten.


  • little_vp_and_vpm_help_or_learning_faq..txt
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Pinball Nudger
They're Fine

I think they are fine as written, alsome in fact. Why would anyone want to rewrite them?


Defender of the Righteous


PN co-founder
No Problem, Mitch

I looked at your file, Mitch, and while the grammar isn't letter perfect, I can't imagine anyone not understanding it all. None of us are good at everything, so don't sweat it pal. You're friendly and involved, and that's what counts. And as Rodgz often says, you're alsome.



Pinball Nudger
First aid

Thats fine for creators,where do i supply "first aid"to the newbies who get frustrated tryng to play your creations.I have put together what i think will make it easier.