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Lizards in the City (Original)

SS Original Table BAM FP Lizards in the City (Original) v1.0 BAM Edition

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Solid State Machines
Future Pinball


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Anthias submitted a new resource:

Lizards in the City - Eko and Iggy go for a walk! Trouble is, they're enormous...


Light in/out lanes for ballsaver.

left loop channel doubles point each hit while lit.

Light lizards to open right hand flipper lane kicker. Hit kicker to activate Lizard Rampage. Every three seconds the right hand centre kicker will launch another ball for ten balls! (NOTE only five balls on table at any time, if you already have five the machine will wait three seconds and retry until all ten are released.)

Lizard Walk mode:
Hit the target near the left slingshot to activate...

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Pinball Player
Anthias updated Lizards in the City (Original) with a new update entry:

Lizards In The City BAM Edition

The first thing I did earlier this year when I got back into FP after a nine year break was Lizards In The City. At the time I was focussed more on remembering what I'd forgotten than learning anything new, so I opted to ignor BAM for the most part.

It is now time to rectify that, so here is the new BAM edition, with BAM physics and flippers implemented. The flipper textures are changed too, so you can tell at a glance which version you have loaded. I have used two scale flipper textures...

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