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Long term project, not a bagatelle


PN co-founder
Leo Wanker sent me a whole slew of flipperless images, non which were bagatelle, and so, Bally's Rocket looked interesting, so I'm going to give it a try. It might well become a group effort, because I'm possibly in way over my head. But the fun of VP for me is taking chances, and maybe learning a thing or two.

As you'll see, Rocket is a flipperless, or nearly so . . . take a closer look. And I'm pretty sure that there has been a part replaced, but not with the original part. Again, look closely.

With at least a few other projects going on, there is no time table. I like to try doing as much as I can myself, and when I get stumped, then I seek help.

The background you see if just there for now, there is a back glass, which I sure hope to use. I'm not particularly into Space or Rocket themes, I simply liked the graphics. Besides, if I can't find any rules information, I have some nifty ideas of my own. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Thanks Mr Wanker.