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LOTR ShockMod


appropriate at this time
Just kidding, Damn, you guys.

This plays great, even with sound emu. I will make up some wall paper for my second screen and move the DMD there though.


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LOL, now this is the Shockman that everyone wants to see....

Merry Christmas!


appropriate at this time
This is incredible. Thanks for the table, I enjoy it in real life and I enjoy this.
I have an nvida card though and I still have to turn off DD. I consider this a non issue though, as that works. I get over 200 frames per second sometime less, sometimes much more and 4 ball multi ball is smooth, as smooth it seems, as one ball.
I expected this table, but I did not expect it to work this well, or to look this good. Being the tinkerer I am though, I wish I had the graphics to play with. I tried the dual monitor mod and it looks great but slows the frame rate too much for my taste. I played with both monitors maxed out for resolution though. The table at 1600x1200 and backbox with DMD at 1400x900.
I wish I could get my hands on the other tables that were released with this new VPM, but AJ's file server is out of my reach anymore, and the staffers disagree with him when he says I should have that access, banned from the forums or not, and in fact set me up to have that, but it was taken away by others. I hope they get uploaded here as well.
Merry Christmas.
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