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VP8 Flipperless Recreation Lucky Swing released


PN co-founder
Lucky Swing is a bit more detailed and complex than most toy pinball games, For that reason I created a much deeper rule set than you would expect for a toy pin. You'll find out very quicly that nudging at just the right time can add a lot to your score. The top 3 pockets are outs, and deduct 100, 200, or 300 points, based on the number of each scoring cup.

The nine scoring cups in the middle of the table score from 100 to 900 points, again based on which number cup is landed in. A light in the matrix below is lit for each ball landing in one of these cups.

Any ball that lands in one of the cops in the lower matrix will earn between 100 and 900 points, again based on its number. But the ball will turn off any lit light for that scoring cup.

At the end of the game a bonus of 250 points is awarded for each light in the matrix which is lit. You can step up to the batter box and see how well you can score by grabbing the last table on the followingdownload page:





  • Lucky Swing (Blue Box Toys)(1980).zip
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