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MADLAX (Original)

SS Original Table BAM FP MADLAX (Original) v1.4 BAM Edition

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MADLAX is released - see link below.

With this initial release, I have cut back on some things - I cut back on video animations in game, and cut out some advaced rules in order to address performance issues. My hope is that a few of you will comment on the performance as it is and thus provide important data on how this runs on various rigs. I hope to reinstate a few of the cut backs in a future update (we're talking a few months from now) - once I have a better feel for how the table runs on everyones various gear. (and thus will be better able to assess which bits can go in :) ) That futuure update will also change the DMD font which I realise is not the perfect font for the theme.

Don't get me wrong - this is a complete game. I have tried to ballance completeness with performance. The attract mode animation is a good test for performance. Note that the loading time for the table is longer than most tables.

I hope you all enjoy this release, which in some ways pulls ellements from several eras of pinball :) Now I can get on with some of my other important projects :)



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Anthias updated MADLAX (Original) with a new update entry:


When this table was first made in 2006, FP didn't support ramps, and it didn't have any native DMD, so a DMD engine was built from overlays. That engine is still in this table, but it is hidden by default, as when FP did get DMD native, it was converted to use it, but older PC's ran better with the overlays. It's an interesting thing to look through if you are into coding, but only really a curiosity these days. Just use the FP DMD, it looks better.

For years 1.3 has been the latest...

Read the rest of this update entry...
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