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Magic Trick - Then see how it is done...


those two guys are the famous Penn and Teller the tall one speaks the shorter guy never does, ever. They are famous here in the US!


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Yeah Faralos they are entertaining to watch aren't they ?
I used to be mesmorised by magic tricks etc.... in a way it's a bit of a shame the " TRICKS REVEALED " vids show everyone how they're done...


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Does anyone know the title/band of the song in this vid? YouTube - trucos de magia explicados. Revelados.

'Riana' doesnt yield any results here,...

EDIT: Never mind, i found it. The chicks called 'Rihanna' (not Riana) and the song is called Umbrella.

(Except for the rap-like beginning its not even that bad for a 2007 song. Not overwhelming, but still not bad. Better then most other newer pop songs anyway,...)
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