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VP8 SS Original Table MahJongg updated to 1.5!

Solid State Machines


Pinball Player
Hi guys. A major cosmetic upgrade, and also a few nice feature improvements. Rules and gameplay remain the same.

For those who have not seen the earlier mahjongg release, or who don't remember, the rules are:

Light WINDS for ballsaver.
Light EAST for bonus multiplier.
Light all 8 (eight) flower tiles (with the four flower targets) for table multiplier.

Light all four wind tiles for four winds multiball.

Light any twelve of the tile lights (nine in each suit) to stop lighting further tiles and open the Go Out kicker (back right) This also lights the left loop (this is the way to get back there).

When you "go out" the ball is destroyed and you are paid for your hand, and a new ball is created in the plunger. This is not a lock, or a drain, simply its going out and resetting the hand.

The hand is scored in sets and runs. A set is three of the same tile (hitting the target three times) and a run is one of each tile in the suit (hitting each tile once). The tiles can score in both on one hand. If you hit bamboo 1 three times, bamboo 2 and 3 once each, and go out, then you score for one run and one set of bamboo. Total hand value is multiplied by the number of scoring sets and runs.

Suits score as follows:
Characters (yellow kights):
set 5000
run 7500

Bamboo (green lights)
set 7500
run 10000

stones/circles/dots (blue lights)
set 10000
run 15000

Dragons (pink or red lights)
set 15000
run 22500

For those wanting change info:
MAH JONGG by Anthias 2003-2006
Release 1.5 - feb 2006:
#Cosmetic overhaul
-new playfield
-new backglass
-new plastics
#new SFX (bells and chimes)
#Bonus countdown fixed, and reinstated at EOB
#Attract mode with light sequencer
#fixed display fonts - changed over to Transponder AOE (Included in zip)
#wrote music controls for later consideration (Much later)
(Music file not present - to add a wav track the sound name is "COMPLICATED".)

First public release june 2004
Version 1.0


I hope you all enjoy this update Available now at


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