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Malibu Beach (Bally, 1978) VP8

VP8 Bally EM Bingo Flipperless Recreation Malibu Beach Mods v1.0 Genuine Mod 2020-01-28

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Malibu Beach (1980 Bally Bingo) has been modified and released by Reg!

Genuine Version

Special Version

Genuine Version

Special Version

I love Bingo's and any release is appreciated, Thank You Reg!
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Pinball Nudger

Please note that I have also resolved a bug that was related to the Red / Yellow rollover for both versions.

Mainly that why the genuine version have been released also.

The goal of the Special Version is to play with a REAL Bally Malibu beach playfield.

All the holes must have a switch and each of them are connected to an IPAC or similar.

Only the backglass is displayed because a true playfield is used to play.

Here are the index of the keys reserved and for which purpose:

Note the = Key is reserved for a key that will be install right after the gate lane.

'Assign one key for one hole
'R 19 Add Coins
'Enter PlungerKey Launch a ball
'Left 205 Move Screen Left
'Right 206 Move Screen Right
'S Collect Score
'I 23 Show Instructions
'Z LeftTiltKey
'SPace CenterTiltKey
'/ RightTiltKey
'Key Code Desc
'A 30 Hole1
'B 48 Hole2
'C 46 Hole3
'D 32 Hole4
'E 18 Hole5
'F 33 Hole6
'G 34 Hole7
'H 35 Hole8
'J 36 Hole9
'K 37 Hole10
'L 38 Hole11
'M 50 Hole12
'N 49 Hole13
'O 24 Hole14
'P 25 Hole15
'Q 16 Hole16
'T 19 Hole17
'U 20 Hole18
'V 22 Hole19
'W 17 Hole20
'X 45 Hole21
'\ 43 Hole22
'Home 147 Hole23
'Semicolon 39 Hole24
'Period 52 Hole25
'' 40 Yellow Rollover
'Del 211 Red Rollover
'Comma 51 Drain

You can find a lot of details and the genuine Rule sheet here:






Pinball Nudger

The Special Version take a long time to load because The whole backglass is a huge Decalc, that's the trick I have found to make a good looking backglass.



Also I have forgotten to tell you, that I have added up the capability to change the strength of the plunger for the Genuine version. You can use the key 6 (less strength ) or 7 (More Strength) just before you use the R (insert coins ) keys.
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