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Mass Update: AC/CF/W! + core/cams at IRP


Perfectionist Bastard
emCORE: 3.405
BallyCams: 2.810

Added hi-score routines to BallyCams

Fixed scoring routines in emCORE -- the make_replay() sub would actually modify the score when it was trying to check for replay scores, so the highest score registering would be 200,000 (don't ask why it's not 199,990 -- I don't know). Scores proper will now continue to register upwards of 200,000. This fix was necessary for the hi-score routines being clamored for by several people .

Wizard! => 1.4W
Aladdin's Castle => 1.5W
Capt. Fantastic => 1.1W

- added hi-score handling
- added plunger extender wall
- slightly softer bells
- on Wizard! and Capt. Fantastic, redid the GI Ambient lighting
- on Aladdin's Castle and Capt. Fantastic, added a more echoey and hopefully
somewhat louder knocker sound.

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